Achtung! Cthulhu Tactics, from Auroch Digital, Modiphius, and Ripstone (Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch) – Badger’s Commando.

Crying is not Enough, from Storyline Team (Steam) – The Butler.

Octocopter: Double or Squids, from TACS Games (Nintendo Switch) – Narrator.

Bertram Fiddle: Episode 2: A Bleaker Predicklement, from Rumpus Animation (SteamiOS) – Walter Winkle, Horatio Spatter.

The Journey Down Trilogy, from Skygoblin (PlayStation 4, Steam, iOS) – Suspicious Guy, Additional Voices. Coverage: PCGamesN, StrategyInformer, 148Apps

Octocopter: Super Sub Squid Escape, from TACS Games (Wii U) – Narrator.

BombLegs, from TACS Games (Android) – The General.

Man O’ War Corsair, from Evil Twin Artworks (Steam) – Additional Voices.

Factotum 90 / Factotum, from TACS Games (Steam / Xbox One / PlayStation 4 / PlayStation Vita / Wii U) – Lead. Coverage: We Got This Covered, ZTGD, Pure Xbox, Brash Games / About.comGo Nintendo, NintendoLifeShigeruReviews, 8WN, Cubed3, GameCritics, Pure Xbox

CaesarIA, from rdt.32 (Steam) – Advisor.

The Charnel House Trilogy, from Owl Cave (Steam) – Dr. Lang. Coverage: IGN, indieHAVEN, Adventure GamersNerdy But Flirty, Rock, Paper, Shotgun, EGMNOWDualShockers, Cast Trailer

Chainsaw Warrior from Auroch Digital (Steam, iOS, Android) – Maniac. Coverage: The GuardianPocket Tactics, Forbes, BoardGameGeek

Sepulchre from Owl Cave (PC) – Dr. Lang. Coverage: Rock, Paper, Shotgun, USGamer, Joystiq, The Escapist, JayIsGamesThe Gamers’ Inn, Plus 10 DamageThe Cult Den, Creepy Gaming

You Are The Reason from Laura Kate Dale (PC) – Ivan


Egosoft Unannounced Project – Experimental voice over work with the studio.

Richard & Alice – Narrator for story trailer

Cornucopia Radio – Narrator of KomsomolKids on Radio Fore

swipe trailer – Narrator

Blast Processing – Player 1

Midlife Gamer’s Spoiler Alert – Narrator

Magnetic Billiards: Sardines (unreleased) – Multiple roles

Lazarus (unreleased) – Announcer

Hugatron (unreleased) – Announcer